Lab Members

The Staff

  • Alma Pena Briseno

    Alma Pena Briseno

    • From: Mexico City, Mexico
    • BS in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biology from el Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
    • Genetic engineering of poplar
  • Katrina Gause

    • From: Lake City, South Carolina
    • BS in Biology from College of Charleston, SC
    • MS in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology from Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston
    • Genome editing in switchgrass
  • Jake Spittle

    • From: Gaithersburg, MD
    • BS in Genetics from UGA
    • Soybean pest resistance
  • Zach Wingate

    Zach Wingate

    • From: Statham, Georgia
    • BS in Biology from Young Harris College
    • Genetic transformation in soybean

Graduate Students

  • Skye Remko

    Skye Remko

    • From: Ringgold, GA
    • BS in Ecology from the University of Georgia
    • Genome editing in switchgrass
  • Katie Toomey

    • From: Houston, Texas
    • BS in Bioenvironmental Sciences from Texas A&M University
    • Genetic engineering of muscadine & poplar

The Postdocs…

  • Fiorella Spies

    Fiorella Spies

    • From: Santa Fe, Argentina
    • BS in Biotechnology from Universidad Nacional del Litoral
    • PhD in Biological Sciences from Universidad Nacional del Litoral
    • Genetic engineering of poplar

And, the student workers

  • John Aguilar

    John Aguilar

    • Major: Genetics
    • From: Macon, Georgia
    • Genome editing in switchgrass
  • Noah Curnalia

    Noah Curnalia

    • Major: Biology & Psychology
    • From: Coolidge, Georgia
    • Insect resistance in soybean
  • Amani Sheikh 

    • Major: Sociology
    • From: Buford, Georgia
    • Tissue culture with switchgrass
  • Shanna Wilkerson

    Major: Agricultural Education

    Home town: Swainsboro, Ga

    REEU Intern working on promoter testing in poplar