Professor Parrott
singles out some GMO articles that earn a failing grade
because the peer review system is not perfect, and some articles that shouldn't still get through,
and because junk science never takes a rest.

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  • Goat kids nursing from mothers fed GM soybean have stunted growth

    Source: Tudisco R, Calabrò S, Cutrignelli MI, Moniello G, Grossi M, Mastellone V, Lombardi P, Pero ME, and Infascelli F. 2015 Genetically modified soybean in a goat diet: influence on kid performance. Small Ruminant Research. 126 (Supplement 1), p. 67-74, 2015

    Why does this article fail?

    Computer predictions show that glyphosate-tolerant soybean will lack glutathione and accumulate formaldehyde

    Source: Ayyadurai, V.A.S. and Deonikar, P. 2015. Do GMOs accumulate formaldehyde and disrupt molecular systems equilibria? Systems biology may provide answers. Agricultural Sciences, 6, 630-662.

    Why does this article fail?

    New mathematical formula predicts that GM crops will bring global ruin

    Source: Taleb NN, R Read, R Douady, J Norman, Y Bar-Yam. 2014. The Precautionary Principle (with Application to the Genetic Modification of Organisms). EXTREME RISK INITIATIVE —NYU SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING WORKING PAPER SERIES

    Why does this article fail?

    GMO-fed pigs have irritated stomachs and thicker uteruses

    Source: Carman JA, HR Vlieger, LJ Ver Steeg, VE Sneller, GW Robinson, CA Clinch-Jones, JI Haynes, and JW Edwards. 2013. A long-term toxicology study on pigs fed a combined genetically modified (GM) soy and GM maize diet. Journal of Organic Systems 8(1):38-54.

    Why does this article fail?
    GMO corn gives rats cancer

    Source: Séralini GE, E Clair, R Mesnagea, S Gress, N Defargea, M Malatesta, D Hennequinc, J Spiroux de Vendômois. 2012. Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modifed maize. Food and Chemical Toxicology 50:4221–4231.

    Why does this article fail?
    93% of pregnant women and 69% of non-pregnant women tested had GMO-derived Bt protein in their blood

    Source: Aris A, S Leblanc. 2011 Maternal and fetal exposure to pesticides associated to genetically modifed foods in Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. Reproductive Toxicology. 31(4):528-33.

    Why does this article fail?
    GMO corn kills monarch butterflies

    Source: Losey JE, LS Rayor, ME Carter. 1999. Transgenic pollen harms monarch larvae. Nature 399:214.

    Why does this article fail?
    GMOs cause intestinal issues in rats

    Source: Ewen SW, A Pusztai. 1999. Effect of diets containing genetically modified potatoes expressing Galanthus nivalis lectin on rat small intestine. Lancet 354(9187):1353–1354.

    Why does this article fail?